Monday, May 19, 2014

All done.....

...and I was the only one.....

...correctly dressed for the occasion.....

Hunter and me... :D

Then.. on with the next project ;)

Friday, May 16, 2014 I come

The dress is done.  
The back......

...and the front. It is a cross-over front bib-style. If you know what I mean Each crossover part is buttoned up to each side. First I put it on with the arms and bodice. Tie the knot in front. Then I tie the front band to the back. This makes the dress a lot easier to put on without any help :)

This is the back of the petticoat from behind. I went for a bodiceless petticoat. To me it was the easiest solution. It is corded at the bottom with a few rows.


To the front. Here you can see that I pleated instead of gathering. 

A closer look at the back. Without the chemisse and short stay though :)
I'm really looking forward to use this on 17th May and 1st June. The only two event that I can use this outfit for without looking strange ;) I just have to iron it a bit before I walk out the door....

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Not quite .... looks right.......

 ... but it grew too big for me. I just couldn't get the yarn under my controll :(

But I learned my lesson :)

This is a sweater from 1941. The pattern came from an Australian newspaper knitting book. I used a modern yarn and used  what was recommended. Didn't change anything from the pattern. It turned out great. If only I could find the original file for this....

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I know.... not quite quilting. Not much going on in that department at the time being. But I am making do of my fabric, sewing machine and needle ;)

After I made this outfit, I wanted to make more....

Found this picture on the net and wanted to make something similar....

I really hate seflies......

Then I need something else.... the pattern for this swagger is a size 12 (too small for me) so I have to adjust quite a lot. I'm also using a different kind of yarn..... well... everything is different from the original..

A good looking Miss Marple... don't you think?

Monday, February 03, 2014

1814 Norway

This year it is 200 years since Norway got its  National Constitution, and of course there's going to be some celebrations going on all year. I'm aiming for 17th of May since that is the day we celebrate every year.

So, since I have 6 yards of this lovely sheer fabric, i though why not use it?

There's a lot of ideas flowing around......

......of period dresses from 1814.......

...with checker fabric used. While I'm deciding what to make ......

......I started with the regency underthings like short stays and a chemise.

I got my hands on a lovely curtain really cheap and decided on a regency bonnet and a Spencer (really short jacket).

The curtain cost me 3 US$. I allready had the ribbon in my stash. The "straw" part is from my Edwardian hat that I ripped apart and did over. Most "straw" hats these days are made of paper looking like straw, just to make them cheap enough for us to bother to buy them :D

Something old and something new.

 I had a knitted jacket in five pieces that i wanted to finish. But I lacked buttons. Big ones are rather expensive, so I made my own.
In place.
Ta da!
 And then I wanted to try out an old idea I've seen somewhere. An empty tin can and made some wholes in it.
 Made a crochet cover for a nice cover up.
 The I lit the candle. Looks good in real life as well :D

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 ...and UFOs

Happy NEW year everyone!

For an unknown number of years ago i bought this Tilda Vintage Angel kit. I wanted to make it right away, but.....
Anyway.... I finally started on the angel (sorry for the bad picture) . After I cut out the wings, I changed my mind and made them white instead

Still going to look just right.

I didn't care too much for the dark fabric intended for the skin, so I reused the fabric from the wings.

The instructions are rather smart. Instead of cutting out the pieces and then stich them together, you sew around each item, add the seam allowance, and then you cut  out each  piece . 

Like this.

The pieces are rather thin and a bit difficult to stuff with the filling, so I turned in small steps at the time and added the filling as I went. It all went quite easy that way.

Almost done.

Here she is waiting for the finishing touches.

Ta da........done. I'm pleased.
The first UFO of the year done and there are still some time left of the holidays to enjoy her before i have to put her away until next time :)

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