Thursday, March 12, 2015

Progress again.....

This is a picture of the pattern I used for my latest knitted jacket.

But ... I didn't have enought of that black wool. I have more black wool but not more of the brand I used here.

So I had to mix withe and black to suit the amount of wool I actually had and added some red.

up close
I think these changes made the pattern a bit more interesting.  All it need now is a good press and nine metal buttons.

 My cats and dogs BAQ block is turning out real well too. It's fun again :D

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello (fill in) ..... I'm back!

Well.....more or less ....

 For my x mother in law (and good friend)
Front without buttons .... for now.

Back view. Not bad. Haven't knitted pattern like this for years so I'm pleased with what I see. I won't give it away just yet. I have one more to make:

This is a jacket for my x father in law (and good friend). He needs something warm as well. And he likes read. 

This is the reason I feel like I have returned to stitching. It's a Baltimore block from one of E.S. many books about BAQs, Beyond Baltimore. It appears in a BAQ named Rememberance II by Jane Sheridan. The name of the block is Family pets.

See? My two favorite animals: cats and collies. I'm also very pleased that I found and learned about the back basting technique. It makes things SOO much easier.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm knitting....

.... while waiting for the quilting bug to once more find a home in my stash. Too much is going on in my life and my energy levels are way down in the basement. It's hard enough to knit. But I realised something: My loved ones are getting older too. I'm running out of time actually.
This is going to be a knitted jacket for my x mother in law. We are still friends and want to stay friends to the end :D  She is 86 and her husband is 89 years. The name of the pattern is "Vanjas Varme Kofte". I only use wool when knitting this kind of jackets or sweaters ....... I made a midium knitting bag from scraps a while back suitable for projects like this.......

Dutchess ...... sleeping.....I love that cat :D

Here's my eldest son with his wife and their daughter. This is a picture of her 1 year birthday party :D

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Look what I found!

I was searching for roman point lace patterns:

........ and came accross something that triggered my want for making a quilt again:

Thread Head Quilt along with 9" blocks. It's from 2010/11 but everything is still there......even the Flickr group picture album.

She also made a quilt-along in 2012 with 7" blocks:

I really like these two and I might give it a go for one of them. Just have to make me some jeans and a winter coat before the winter season sets in with full force :)
Both of these quilts were designed in EQ but there is a very good tutorial for each block on her blog.  I have a few yards ( who doesn't?) of civil war fabric and Jo Morton fabric that would work well for these two designs.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something quilt related......finally



When I found this comming BOM I thought it looked sweet and lovely. I finally had a good moment and felt a sweet touch of wanting. Wanting to make. I think I have some weet fabric that will work well for this. Or....for the first time in months (years) I will have to buy some. A good feeling to have :) 
Why don't you join in as well?
All those UFOs will have to wait just a little bit longer......

Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer pants....

I really needed something else than jeans and shorts during our hot summer days in Norway. And I have had this white thin fabric hanging around for at least ten years (!) and wanted to make something out of it.

I bought this pattern a while back as well. The trousers looked just right so I went for it.
The fabcis is striped and a bir sheer....but I don't care as long as I wear the right underthings ;) But I have to make some new ones, more fitted to the style of the 40's.

Not only a bit see-through but a bit wimsy as well. It wouldn't lie still unless I used a lot of pinning. This is from the left side......

...... more of the front.

I had to show you the behind as well. Not often one sees pictures of the behind. Not quite perfect, almost a size too big (!) but absolutely woderful to wear. Of course did Hunter look on as I took my pictures. He's alwas keeping an eye on everything I do ;)
I do have "a few" more yards of fabric to put into good use, so..... Se you later :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

All done.....

...and I was the only one.....

...correctly dressed for the occasion.....

Hunter and me... :D

Then.. on with the next project ;)

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