Monday, February 03, 2014

1814 Norway

This year it is 200 years since Norway got its  National Constitution, and of course there's going to be some celebrations going on all year. I'm aiming for 17th of May since that is the day we celebrate every year.

So, since I have 6 yards of this lovely sheer fabric, i though why not use it?

There's a lot of ideas flowing around......

......of period dresses from 1814.......

...with checker fabric used. While I'm deciding what to make ......

......I started with the regency underthings like short stays and a chemise.

I got my hands on a lovely curtain really cheap and decided on a regency bonnet and a Spencer (really short jacket).

The curtain cost me 3 US$. I allready had the ribbon in my stash. The "straw" part is from my Edwardian hat that I ripped apart and did over. Most "straw" hats these days are made of paper looking like straw, just to make them cheap enough for us to bother to buy them :D

Something old and something new.

 I had a knitted jacket in five pieces that i wanted to finish. But I lacked buttons. Big ones are rather expensive, so I made my own.
In place.
Ta da!
 And then I wanted to try out an old idea I've seen somewhere. An empty tin can and made some wholes in it.
 Made a crochet cover for a nice cover up.
 The I lit the candle. Looks good in real life as well :D

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 ...and UFOs

Happy NEW year everyone!

For an unknown number of years ago i bought this Tilda Vintage Angel kit. I wanted to make it right away, but.....
Anyway.... I finally started on the angel (sorry for the bad picture) . After I cut out the wings, I changed my mind and made them white instead

Still going to look just right.

I didn't care too much for the dark fabric intended for the skin, so I reused the fabric from the wings.

The instructions are rather smart. Instead of cutting out the pieces and then stich them together, you sew around each item, add the seam allowance, and then you cut  out each  piece . 

Like this.

The pieces are rather thin and a bit difficult to stuff with the filling, so I turned in small steps at the time and added the filling as I went. It all went quite easy that way.

Almost done.

Here she is waiting for the finishing touches.

Ta da........done. I'm pleased.
The first UFO of the year done and there are still some time left of the holidays to enjoy her before i have to put her away until next time :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Visit your trash........

.........from time to time. You will never know what you might find. I found some big and a lot of small pieces of fabric.....

They became a handy bag for my small knitting project or crochet projects. Now I can find it more easily than I used to :)
But sometimes odd balls of yarn find it's way to the bin. Just because I absolutely just don't know what to make out of it. This time the idea came rather quick and easily to me.....

A small handbag. The body is knitted and the sides and handles re done in crochet and cotton. Of course it's lined with cotton fabric and has two pockets. I really like it :)

And here is the star prize:
Some one else was throwing these away. I don't know how many spools there are or if they are all full but I don't care. This is good quality cotton thread, you just do not throw things like that away?? I must have looked stupid when I ducked down in the trash to pick these up. But they are all clean and ready to be used. Suits my wallet just fine :)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

!930's suit again........

........but this time with a new belt:

I used every piece I had left over from the blouse to make this new belt. This is how it was ment to be in the first place. This belt won't cut me in half and it will give me a more slender silhouette than the first option. Still need to find that buckle and make some wholes ;) Suitable for a Christening or a Christmas party, don't you think?

Saturday, September 07, 2013

1930's Ladies two piece dress...... finished.

 Lets go back to the beginning.

I had these fabric in my closet for years, and I mean YEARS. At least 8 of them. I had 1 1/2 metre of each.  So when Vintage Pattern Lending Library asked for pattern testers once more, I knew I had to say yes to the challenge.
The pattern arrieved :)

I was quite happy to see that I had just enough fabric for the skirt and belt. No room for error here.

The tiny amount at the bottom left corner of the picture, were tossed. Too small for anything and not suitable in a quilt.

Here's the closure closed.........

.....and open. I went for the bigger snaps to make sure they will stay closed or open as I please and not as they please.

The side. It was really easy to make this skirt and I didn't have to make any alterations. Just sew it all together with a smaller seam allowance than the pattern asked for.

Front. English is not my native language and I would guess that this pattern will be bought by others not being native english speaking people. So.. a diagram showing just the front pleats might be a thing to consider.

Anyway, the skirt is finished and it fits me real well :D
And then it's time to make the blouse:
I didn't make any major alterations to the blouse. To make sure it would fir me I added a few inches from a B36 to a B40. In retospect I wouldn't need to add as much to the arms as I did.
I read and learned a new way of making button wholes.
Maybe not as beautiful as they could have been since it was my first go at this, but I'm pleased after all :) So far so good.

Then there was the necline.I sure needed to read and read the instructions again and again, until I got my head around this. A diagram for the neck part alone would have helped me a lot. There's no measurement given for the front neckline either. This might cause a problem with it being too long or too short.

I looked at the diagrams and read the txt over and over agai for the cuffs as well. They do have a pattern piece but no information about any button wholes. So I made mine without wholes and just used snaps with a suitable button on the right side of the cuffs. Works perfectly.

And here's the neckline done and topstitched as well.  At this point I haven't hem stitched the lining.

Almost there.

Just about to add the buttons......
 Ta da...

I'm really going to use this suit every chance I get. It suits me fine and I love the colours and the shape it gives me.
Bring on the next pattern......

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