Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quilted Diamond box

I'm making diamonds from Linda Franz's book Quilted Diamonds 1. Since I didn't have anything to store the diamonds in, I decided to make a diamond shaped box for them as I have seen others do.

This is the beginning of the bottom part and the Fast2Fuse is all ready to be fused to the fabric.

I didn't want a box with no personality, so I added a diamond in the fabric that was intended for the lid.
At the bottom left part of this picture you can see the pattern I used to make my box. Just a piece of paper with the drawing of a diamond on it. It wasn't hard to do at all with the help of the book "Fast, fun & easy fabric boxes" by Linda Johansen.

Just testing to see that the box actually is big enough but not too big for my diamonds.

Here it is, all finished. Doen't look all that bad, does it?

So far I have 61 diamonds in it and it is filling up fast. Maybe I should make another one?

I do have some blocks from my Dear Jane project as well and they are stored in a plastic box. Maybe I should make a proper one for them as well?

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