Friday, July 14, 2006

Things to do

I've got a new job as a teacher five hours drive from where I live now so I have to move. Have not found a new place to rent just yet, but need to before I start work August 15. I know I don't have much time. That is why I have startet packing as you can see. And this is just the beginning.

But I have quite a few boxes still unpacked from my last move, so I don't have that much to put in boxes.

Mostly it is all my quiltingbooks, fabric and all know what I'm talking about.

I whish I could find a place I really love and would want to stay for the rest of my life. I don't want to move that many more times than I allready have.

Any way, I do find time to sew. I have been making Log Cabin blocks from my humble stack of 1 1/2 inch stripes. Most of it left overs from my Safe Haven top (Thimbleberries). So I made 125 of them. It took a lot longer than I expected, so it took me three weeks to get them done. All these blocks were used in two different tops.

Just one more thing. Why do the pictures jump around when I have told it to stay put! ?

I had to make some test blocks first and as you can see I wanted to use Christmas colours so that I could finish them as a small Christmas table top. It is still not put together the way I want it.

Way back in 2001 I was a member of a Thimbleberry Club at Yahoo Groups. Among other things we swapped blocks. I didn't participate in more than two during my membership. I can't remember what happened to the other blocks but these houses and trees I found in the closet while I was making Log Cabin blocks. A plan formed in my head and I made sure that all the blocks could be put together with no problem. It didn't turn out so bad after all. What do you think?

But I only used 28 LC blocks here.

This is what I did with te rest. I looked around every internet site I could find that had some idea what to do with LC blocks. I ended up doing something I felt were completely different. This way a secondary pattern evolves and I can see both light and dark diagonale stripes where ever I look. I think til quilt is going to be georious when I finish it. Just wondering about one thing though. Should I put on some boarders or leave as it is? Need time to think I guess.

I have been working hard with updating my Flickr album as well. It took me a whole day to take pictures om my 60 diamonds from Quilted Diamonds 1 by Linda Franz (see Links). After taking the pictures I needed to edit them and then upload them. But pictures is just no enough, so I added some captions as well. I believe it makes the pictures more interesting to look at when you are able to read something about it as well.

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