Friday, January 26, 2007

Baltimore Elegance

The other day this book landed in my mail box. I felt that I just had to buy it and keep it with my other Baltimore books. I love these blocks and quilts.

This is the first block I made from that book. It is called "Oak Leaves and Reel Papercut" and is from the first lesson in the book. I tried to do something different and made it with homespun fabric. It wasn't the easiest test and I don't think I will make other blocks with this kind of fabric. They don't lend themselves to needle turn applique.
Maybe I could turn this block into a small wall hanging or a pillow?


  1. Hi Wenche, I enjoyed looking at your blog tonight. As someone who loves needleturn applique I can feel your pain trying to use those homespuns. Your diamonds look great. Joany

  2. What a shame that the fabric doesn't work well for needleturn applique because the plaids look wonderful on this pattern.


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