Thursday, April 26, 2007

The collie wall hanging is finished

So here it is, all finished. The scale between the dogs - fence - flowers - butterfly isn't correct but I don't mind. I don't think anyone else will either :) I see that I could have chosen an other fabric for the white fur on the bigger collie but it's a bit late for that now.
Zanto and I are going to a dog show on May 5 and i wonder how well he will be doing there among a lot of other dogs and people. Lets hope I have learned him a few tricks.


  1. Så flott veggbildet ble :-D Ha en fin hobby dag!

  2. Anonymous8:41 am

    Så koselig bilde du har laget.
    Mvh Olaug

  3. Gudveig HN4:05 pm

    Nydelig veggbilde!
    Hilsen Gudveig HN

  4. Anonymous5:38 pm

    bildet ser kjempekoselig ut! Heidi fra Klæbu

  5. Så flott bilde ble.

  6. Hei på dere :-)
    Det var så koselig å treffe dere igjen i Drammen i går :-)
    Zanto er bare helt herlig, og dette teppet du har laget med din gamle gode Laddie og unge Zanto sier mer enn 1000 ord - utrolig vakkert !
    Klem fra Shani, Gutten & Vigdis


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