Monday, May 14, 2007

First dog show

Zanto was at his first (and my second) dog show on May 5. Unfortunately his ears weren't correct and because of that he was judged last (#4). It wasn't all that important to me but now I'm working on that issue, and hope he will be doing better next time.

I'm trying to show Zanto off to the judge the best I can.
Here's his brother, Mozart first in line.
And then it was all over. Zanto's brother Yankee won first prize. Yankee also won best male and best of breed.

After all that hard "work" it was time for a family picture but as you can see that wasn't an easy task.
But we finally made it :) From left: Mozart, Zanto, Yankee and Winnie (hope I spelled that correctly and remember all the names).

Just one more thing:


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