Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My sewing machine found a new good home

This was my sewing machine three weeks ago and I wanted to sell it. I tried for months but no luck. Then I got a phonecall from a man who was looking for a birthday gift for his wife. He told me that she was just starting out as a quilter and had a 30 year old husquarna and thought she deserved a newer sewiing machine. He asked all kinds of questions about the machine and seemed happy with my answers. He wanted it tto be a surpise for his wife on her day but since they lived in an other part of the country far away from me, we decided that sending it in the mail wasn't an option. Therefore the wife would come and get it herself.
I started to envy this wife. She has a husband that understands her passion.
This made me feel so pleased for her that I cut down on the asking price a bit and gave her a small book with Thimbleberries patterns perfect for a beginner quilter. I sure hope she had a nice birthday :)
It's also nice to know that my "old" sewing machine has a good home with another quilter.

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  1. I love to hear a new person starts on quilting. Yor machine will make her very happy, I'm sure.


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