Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I started to quilt

I found May Kristin's blog and there I saw her very interesting question: Why did you start quilting?

Well, I don't think I have any good answer to that. I saw this quilting magazine one day in a newstand way back in early spring 1997. Somehow I felt like buying it and so I did.

But for some reason my first quilt wasn't made from any pattern in that magazine.

I had left over fabric from all my clothes making days and knew that not any of my children would care to use anything I made from those fabric so I had to think of something else. And then I made this quilt. Not bad for a person that didn't know what a quilt was, how to make one or that all the patterns had names :)

I didn't plan for my quilt to turn out the way it did I just got bored with putting squares together and needed something else. I turned everything around and put on some triangles and a dresden plate in each one. If you look really close you can see that I didn't know much about binding either:)

When I did turn back to my magazine I used this pattern to make a quilt for my daughter. I replaced Fancy Sue with hearts instead. This wasn't my second quilt because when I finished it in late 1999 I put on a small label with the number 2000 to cover up a little cut I made when I wanted to cut off the quilting thread I used.

So why do I still quilt?
Well, that very same fall I got my first computer. Not the first in my home but the first I could really call my own. I remember the phonebills going sky high since I had a call up connection to the internet. I'm very happy that I have had broad band connection for the past five years now.

I have made some friends in different countries and they share my interest in quilting. It is still quite a bit to learn when it comes to quilting but most of all, I love to do things by hand and by doing things slow my stack of finished quilts doesn't grow over my head or out of the cuppoards :)


  1. Wenche, I made the Fancy Sue quilt for my granddaughters twin bed. I used the P.S. I Love You fabric for the backing fabric.

  2. Hei Wenche!
    Takk for kommentaren og for innlegget ditt! Teppet ditt er flott!
    Det er alltid så interessant å lese om hvordan og hvorfor andre kom i gang med quilting. Det er også gøy å oppleve hvordan man ved quilting knytter kontakter man ellers aldri ville fått! Lykke til videre!
    Ps. Du er med i begge!

  3. You've been tagged! Please see my blog for details.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt. I'm not usually a fan of pastel-coloured quilts, but your's is peaceful and interesting and a delight.


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