Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some of my treasures

Last week I got a phonecall right out of the blue sky. My eldest son was coming for a short visit since he was in my part of the country anyway. Boy was I happy.
So here's a picture of two of my great treasures: my youngest on the left and my eldest on the right, 15 years between them:) I have two more sons.

And since I have a new camera I wanted to play with it, and so did my daughter. Here's her picture of Mystery, her cat. And here are my 40 9 patch swap blocks from the Jo Morton group. I didn't lay the all out since I don't have that much free space on the floor but you get the idea. I need a plan for these.


  1. 2 flotte barn du har her Wenche. Baltimore Quilten din er kjempeflott. Så stolt du må være av det arbeidet.

  2. What about the Sister's Choice pattern on Bonnie's site? I made one and really liked how it turned out.

  3. p.s. your sons look adorable.


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