Monday, August 11, 2008

Key chain tutorial

This is my last day of my summer holiday, and my computer is back up and running as well as ever. Tomorrow it's back to work :) I wanted to do something with my boring key chain that I wear around my neck every day at work.I had these fabric that I wanted to use for a bag but I never did. Typical.
Cut your old key chain appart and use these parts to measure the new ones.

I cut 3 1/2 inch wide strips from it for the chain itself and one small piece for the key holder.

Fold the edges in about 1/2 inch . Press.

Fold in half and press. I decided not to use any batting in these.

Stitch one seam along the edges and one in the middle. This is the way to do it for the chain and key holder. I have cut away the old parts here.

Measure the new parts so you get the desired lenght, shorter or longer than the original. Mine is longer :)

Fold under the edges and stitch them down. I used two seams to hide the raw edges safely.

I used al the old parts and the old chain as a pattern.

And here it is in all it's glory. I really like this one compared to the old one :) I am going to do this to my other chains as well. The old key chain will give you the guidelines according to width and length of your chain. Good luck.

I still have bits and pieces of these fabrics left. What will I make next?

Strange how this summer holiday turned out. Not a stitch for eight weeks but on the last day I feel the urge again. But I did clean my flat from top to bottom, ceiling - walls - bookshelves - books - dvds - get the picture? Anyway, it's done now. Until next year :)


  1. Thank you for a good idea! Will test this after my trip to Birmingham

  2. That's just perfect! This I want to try one of these days. You can make a cell phone case of the remaining fabric. Thanky you for the good idea.

  3. Smarte greier! Takk for tipset. Hilsen Gunn Torild

  4. This looks fantastic, what a great idea.

  5. Your key chain looks great! Those would make great gifts, especially for sewers and quilters.


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