Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some sewing to test my new Janome

I saw a picture of this long shirt/dress in a pattern magazine and i wanted to make one for meyself.
I bought 2 yards of this fabric at my local quilting store.
Everything all set.
My new sewing pal, Janome MC6600 P. It's behaving really good :)
I didn't follow the pattern description to the letter when I made the arms. Instead if inserting the arms I sew the shoulderseams first................
..............then I pinned the side seams and sew. Worked like a dream.

And here's the shirt all finished with a long arm t-shirt underneath. Just like I plan to wear it. I think it looks good. Too bad I can't show you a picture of me wearing it.


  1. Kjempeflott skjorte du har sydd Wenche. Hyggelig å se at du er fornøyd med Janome'n. Jeg også kjempefornøyd med min.

  2. Kjempeflott langskjorte Wenche. Du er jammen rask med symaskinen. Den gjør seg godt med pologenseren inni. Gratulerer med ny symaskin.

  3. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Så fin den er! Til og med ermene ser riktige ut! Klem Otlo

  4. Nice job on the shirt, Wenche. Looks like your Janome will work out great for you.


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