Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Mystery, my solution

This is my daughter's cat at his favourite place............just behind my neck :)

This is how far I got with this year's Christmas Mystery at Quilt-design . I wasn't too happy with my choice. So I took them apart and made this.......

.....a tablerunner that's going to be a present. No, they don't use the internet as the rest of us.

Then I had some leftovers that I needed to make into something. It became a square and I added some applique representing Christmas time .......and I had a smaller tabletopper. The ginger bread house is the only piece that is my own design and I had to use some of the fancy stiching on my Janome. I like the outcome of this.

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  1. Både løsningen din på julegåten og 4-kantduken din ble flott. jeg liker så godt å se de forskjellige løsningene på gåtene.


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