Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another UFO bites the dust

Have you heard this story before? : A woman is knitting like crazy. Her husband has never seen her do that before, so he asks her: "Why are you knitting in such swiftness?" The wife replies: "I need to finish before I run out of yarn!"
That's was how I felt when I finished my last UFO. Not much left here :)
I have to say that I like the finished result. It is made out of a pack of charms I recieved from my secret DearJane pal in 2007 (if I'm remembering correctly). It was my first try at using these pre-cut fabrics.


  1. Hei! Denne likte jeg :D

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Love the patterns and colors it really pops out.


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