Thursday, January 15, 2009

A good start for the new year

I had hoped for a better stat of 2009 regarding my professional life and have been loking for a new job for some time now but no luck just yet. I have sent quite a few aplications but very,very few employers bother to tell me that the position is taken by someone else, usually a younger person. So while I wait for the big hit I am finishing off some of my projects at home.
I bought this panel in August because I liked it. I had no idea how to use it but had a hard time to cut it up in smaller pieces. So I kept it as is ................. ............and added some blocks instead. I think it turned out quite wellSo all I have to do now is to buy the batting and quilt it. I must have some suitable fabric for the back somewhere in my stash :)
These two small quilts was the result of a 9patch swap on Jo Morton's Yahoo group . I did the quilting late 2008 but never put the binding on. Now they finally have their binding on and can be described as FINISHED. It makes me feel god :)
This is a free pattern I got from Willow Bend Creations and I planned to make a small wall hanging. That never happened. So after quite a few months in my UFO bin, it became a pillow.

..............and so did this. For exactly the same reason.
Then I found this. A cross stich UFO. It has been waiting to get finished since 1986 when my son #3 was born. Somehow it didn't get done. My daughter was born in 1990 and I finished hers the same year.
But after a week of intense stitching it is finally done.

So here they are al four of them. Three boys and one girl. I had thre of them mounted into a frame with glass but stil they got yellow. So I put the all in the washing machine and decided to put them away. I don't have enough wal space where I live now to hang them on the wall. One of these days they will be given to each child for them to take care it........if they want to. I hope they do.


  1. Wow - you've gotten a lot done. My favorite is the christmas pin-up girl panel with the great block border.

  2. den første ble jo flott med små blokker rundt kanten da!. Og wow så store unger du har født!


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