Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday (and happy feet)

If I could have shown you a picture of dancing feet, I would. My feet are holding a picture of the reason for these happy feelings. I finally bought THE pattern.
The Vintage Valentine pattern. I've been longing to do so for a very long time. Don't understand why I didn't do it earlier but I didn't. That's all history now. I really wanted to do this as a BOM with fabric and all but everywhere I searched on the net, every registration for a BOM were taken. What I have to do now is to find suitable background fabric. I think I have enough of the rest for the appliques :) I just have to finish off a few more UFOs and then I'll start this beautiful quilt.
"Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen"............. (ABBA, you know them?)


  1. Congrats on getting the pattern. I am on block #10 of this fabulous quilt. It is really alot of fun to make.

  2. Wenche I am so happy for you! it is a gorgeous pattern!! I bought mine for 1/2 price about 5 years ago and it is on my 2010 list. If you would like to join some ladies that are currently doing it and supporting each other here is a link that will lead you to them.
    I can't wait to see how you do. I found you through the djlist.

  3. Pattern looks beautiful!

  4. Wenche,
    I found you on the DJ list also. This looks like one of the most beautiful patterns for applique I have seen. I am adding your blog to my blogs to watch list. I have really enjoyed looking thew it.



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