Saturday, January 17, 2009

New bag for the new year

Yesterday I told you about the falling snow. Well it did for a few hours anyway. How much? Here where I live I can measure 1 inch! Yepp, that's all. Somehow that is enough for cars to spin in the curves around here and to have some fun they speed up as well.
Anyway...........I bought a bag kit with everything I need to make this special bag. I thought it would be fun to have a bag resembling the DearJane quilt :)

So I quilted each printed block just to make them a bit more lively and "real"

I knew the bag was going to be on the lager scale but not this big! It turned out to be a good thing though because I have room for almost anything. I even use it when I go grocery shopping. When I attended this year's first guild meeting I used it to carry my work for Show and Tell. I did notice that the others looked at my bag when I came in the door but it was only when we were breaking up for the evening that the guild members came up to me and had to tuch the bag to see for them selves if I had turned crazy or not. They can understand a quilt made out of DJ blocks but not a bag. I had to smile.

I did print out 10 sheets of Inklingo templates on fabric as well yesterday. It was quite fun when I got the hang of it. But I have more 2" hexagons than 1/2 2" hexagons so I need to print out more in a lighter fabric. There will be pictures soon. I promise :)


  1. Flott bag - en skikkelig "hemse og drasse"-bag hvor du får med deg alt mulig.

  2. Flott bag, en skikkelig hamse-og drasse-bag hvor du får med deg alt mulig vi damer drar rundt på.

  3. Det var litt av en bag ja, Wenche, kjempelekker. Og en god ide til å få laget noe ut av DJ blokkene som bare ligger der, så takk for tipset. Tror nemlig at jeg aldri vil få sydd ferdig min DJ.

  4. Så flott bag du har sydd deg!

  5. Your DJ bag turned out really cute! Mine is still in kit form. :)


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