Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, what do you think?

I got so bored by the old layout that I had to try out something else. After hours looking around for free templates I got this one. I know I could have made my own but that is something for the future when I figure out how to do it all by myself. I'm not that good at html or xhtml or what ever the diffentent languages are called. But someday.........:)
The next thing I need to do is to change the heading. But not today.

One more thing......I really need to get the hang of changing the settings for my keyboard. It used to be so slow that one one letter came up when I wanted two. Now it's too fast so when I want one letter I get three! When I read some of my older posts I see that my spelling isn't good. You must have thought that I didn't know how to spell! :)


  1. Your new look is great. You will find a award from me on my blog.

  2. Du har gjort en god jobb med å redekorere bloggen din. Gratulerer, den har blitt kjempefin.

  3. Jada, dette ble fint!

  4. Kjekt, vet hvor mye arbeids om kan ligge bak det "lille" som syns på selve skjermen....
    godt jobba!


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