Friday, January 16, 2009

Something new in progress

There are quite a few bloggs around on the net, some with a lot of pictures and some almost only words. I see that I have mostly pictures and few words. This is going to change from now on.
I have collected some fabric from Jo Morton, a designer of CW fabric. It's time to start using them and for that I'm going to use Inklingo. A new easier way to handpiece. I have tested it earlier but not in a larger scale. So now I'm heading over to the Inklingo blogg for some ideas and tips before I start cutting fabric in freezer paper sizes :)
The weatherman says it's going to snow here in Drammen. When I look outside my window I see that he's right. But it is very fine and I don't think will will get much of it. All the snow we got back in October were gone long before the new year was here. It hasn't been really that cold either.
Anyway, it's a perfect day for quilting :)

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