Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hearts and ice

I finally finished all the 41 hearts for the H2H swap. These are the last three designs for the swap.
I did quite a few of these red hearts but because of the printing of flowers in the fabric no two hearts are alike. I was lucky with that choice :)
I think I did 3 hearts of this design before I was satisfied with the blocks. Now they aren't all that bad.
Even this design needed redoing a couple of times due to the fabric choice I made. This is the best result by far. Lets hope the other swapers think so too.
I finished my fifth block in the Vintage Valentine quilt. This is block #9. I have a really good progress on these blocks and think I will finish this quilt a lot sooner than I had planned. But I don't mind that at all :)
This is a picture of some of the iciciles that hangs from the roof outside my window. Could it be a sign of warmer weather and spring? After all it's the first of March tomorrow!
When you look closely at the ice you might find some very interesting details. It looks like grey spirals in the icicle to the right. I do love my digital camera and all the posibilities it has compared to the old one which used film. It was fun those days too but now I don't have to pay a lot of money to get the picures I really want :) Love it!


  1. Wenche,
    I love all your hearts, but especially the twisted ribbon one. Did you create that pattern? Now I'm so curious which I'll receive!

  2. Hey Wenche!

    Take a look at the last icicle picture... Don't you see a LOVELY batik wallhanging?!??!? Maybe add a minuscule spot of red, in the background.... representing a cardinal?!?!? *VBG*

    Thanks for sharing and I, too, am curious as to which 1 of these gorgeous heart blocks, I will receive!!!! *VBG*

    Tks for sharing pics and YES, I AGREE!!! Digital cameras ROCK!!


  3. Your heart blocks are all so pretty. This will be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. Love your heart blocks, especially that twisted ribbon one! Really pretty. I also really like your vintage hearts....they are turning out very nice as well.


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