Sunday, February 08, 2009

February, the month of love

This is the first block I've made for my Vintage Valentine quilt (block #5). It turned out so good and I really love it. I can hardly wait to get the whole quilt finished :) Next block is block 1.The back basting technique was new to me but very easy and it saved me time and freezer paper.
I'm part of a Heart 2 Heart swap this year and am making 41 blocks with hearts of differrent types. This one is made out of one fabric.
Here I used two fabrics inspired by the VV quilt :)
Two hearts sings as one, right? :)
A broken heart can be healed again,, they say. :)


  1. Your Vintage Valentine block came out terrific! I have 11 of them done and hope to prep #12 to sew this weekend. I look forward to seeing more blocks from you.

  2. Så spennende!!Lekker ble den!

  3. Anonymous5:34 pm

    I really love your VV Block, originally saw it on the Group with Deb. I love Inklingo also, Linda is such a wonderful person and so caring. Inklingo had saved me and allowed me to continue sewing. Rae Ann

  4. Your Valentine block is lovely, and so are the hearts for the heart 2 heart swap. I can understand why you are eager to continue on the VV-blocks. Keep stitching.

  5. Hello Wenche, Your heart to heart blocks are gorgeous! And I love the Vintage Valentine project, your first block is beautiful.. Elly

  6. The package you sent was so fun! I can't believe how great the heart box was...I was lazy and bought one. :) I never even thought to make one myself! Everything was perfect - and I can't believe you haven't done any Valentine gifts ever...

  7. Your VV block is stunning!!! I have been wanting to do this quilt for a long time now. Maybe next year...

    Love your heart to heart blocks too.

  8. You do such lovely work... I wish I had your talent...Keep Quilting...Ilove you blog.. Jean in Wisconsin :)

  9. Hi Wenche,

    You must have a big heart yourself to make such beautiful Valentine blocks!

    I also love your Whirling Star block. I downloaded the pattern and will give that a try one day.

    Cindy in Seattle


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