Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's not all about appliqué

I do love to make appliqued quilts and other quilts but I do other things as well that I enjoy equally well. Take this shelf. I've had it for months and quite a few of them on the floor :) I wanted to hang it but didn't. Then I was glad I didn't because I wanted to paint it white!
I had to sand it first so the white paint would stick to the shelf and not come off by the lightest tutch :)
It wasn't an easy task when I had to do al the painting while the shelf was on the floor right where my sewing table is.But I did finish it and hung it. Found something to decorate it with and voilá. I used part of it as my blogg heading.
Then I played around with Photoshop and I think that this is quite interesting. It's fun playing around because that's the way I learn the best (when not taking too expencive clases) :)
But I had an other project waiting. I bought this sewing box of wood and I wasn't too fond of it unpainted. The lids are quite fun and a bit unusual.
I will show you at beter picture of it al finished later but you can get a glimpse of it under the unpainted shelf :)
Since this wasn't enough I had to make a couple of fabric boxes/bags as well. They are quite handy to have when all those little bits and pieces need a place to stay put :)

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  1. Your shelf looks great and so is your blog heading too. It is very decorative.


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