Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vintage Valentine block #4


This block #2 in the quilt. It doesn’t look too bad but somehow I’m not really pleased with it. The reason could be that I have seen it up close for several days :)

I am NOT going to redo it!


This fantastic magazine arrived in my mailbox the other day from Denise in Australia. The stitching isn’t very difficult but I need to brush up my knowledge a bit about these type of stitches :) I love surprises like

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this in my mailbox.


  1. The block is fabulous! Do not redo it!!

  2. Your block is beautiful just walk away for awhile and then come back with fresh eyes....very pretty

  3. Oh I think the VV #4 block is beautiful.

  4. I love your vintage valentine blocks. They are absolutely adorable. Are they available anywhere? Thanks for sharing your rich talent with us. It was a delight to read your blog.
    Reeze Hanson
    Morning Glory Quilt Designs


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