Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Vintage Valentine medallion

Do you see the diference in the background colours? That's because my card board isn't big enough as a background for the size of the medallion. I use it to get the colours as true as possible but not this time. Anyway......this is how far I have gotten during the month of March. I did the tripple heart three times before I was happy with the fabric choises. I don't now when this will be finished but most of the remaining pieces are on the larger size except for two large flowers. They are made out of a lot of small hearts. This is truely a quilt of love with all the hearts in every part of the blocks. Lovely :)


  1. Wenche: I love it! You are really moving along on this quilt. I haven't done anything expect this months block. I hope to start my medallion sometime this month or next along with the monthly block. Love your Blog also. Rae Ann

  2. This is looking great! This is the last block I have to do but I am intimidated by all the pieces. I think I will do it like you are.

  3. Beautiful. I love all the hearts!

  4. Nydelig blokk! Og lykke til på intervjuet.


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