Monday, March 02, 2009

What next?

Once in a while you find something that you just HAVE TO try out. This time I found some beautiful vintage pictures of lovely ladies. Each had their own colour on their hat and that decided the colour of the block. I went to my box with leftovers to se i I had something appropiate for each one. I had too much :) I sew the strips in the log cabin manner and not all in straight lines. That way they were all a little bit diferent. Even though every block has its own colour I made sure that there were a few things that was incommon on each one. That way I could say they belong together. It was a piece of lace, one piece of fabric, and the embelishment.
This is how they turned out. I really love them and now I don't know what to do with them :) Isn't that typical? If you have any sugestions I would love to hear about them. I don't have to put them into a quilt top. They can each become a bag, a needlecase, a knitting bag, a bag for stitchery or................ I found the pictures here


  1. These are beautiful and I love what you did with them by embelishing them as an indivisual.... Why not put them all into a wall hanging... or a shadow box with some other antique objects ie... rings, watches or pin (broaches)... I love your blog... Jean M.

  2. nydelige.
    Hva med truseposer, sminkepunger, puter til pynt på f.eks. senga.

  3. Very beautiful. I love the ladies. And I really like the header on your blog.


  4. Helt lekre er de søte Ladies!
    Jeg ville kanskje lage et teppe med alle,eller på en romantisk veske.Spennende å følge med:)

  5. Those are gorgeous!! I love what you did with the embellishments. I'd be tempted to make the each into a needle book -- I think.

  6. Nydelige damer du har funnet her!

  7. Nydelige er dem, du har sydd dem så vakkert også. Blir helt nostalgisk jeg når jeg ser på dem.

  8. Dette er berre fantastisk! Er det bilete du sjølv har overført til stoff, eller? Kor i alle dagar har du kome over desse skattane? Eg har gugla og gugla for å finne noko liknande, utan hell...
    Dette blir nok eit flott arbeid, lukke til!

  9. Anonymous7:27 pm

    dessa daman dine var til å ....sukk. helt skjønn. sukk
    kos deg med dem,


  10. Disse er jo bare så skjønne... Skikkelig fine! Du har en kjempekoslig blogg, og du har laga så masse fint!

  11. These blocks are lovely! I love the log cabin style on your blocks. Why not make some book covers for photo albums?

  12. Anonymous6:54 am

    They are absolutely lovely! You could make up one "vintage lady" into a folder to carry around handwork in , maybe 12inches square. When you open it, a pocket with a needle-book made with another "vintage lady". All of these could fit inside a "tote-bag" with a vintage lady or two on it. It would be a lovely set then.
    Manjimup W.Australia
    jwsmoore at bordernet dot com dot au

  13. Å så fine damer du har funne, kan du tipse om nettadressa der desse var? Ser tips om å bruke dei til truseposar, det passar nok fint, også til toalettvesker.


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