Thursday, April 02, 2009

More on my Vintage Valentine medallion

This is how far I have come on the medallion. I'm really glad I'm doing it now since it's so big compared to the blocks that I'm geting a bit bored with it. It mustn't happen. So the BOM for April is block #4 and I will have that to get some variation. I can hardly believe that I'm halfway done with this quilt :)
But I do participate in swaps as well and they are fun but takes away time from my VV blocks. That's why I have decided that these blocks wil be the last ones for this year. It is a Sawtooth Star block swap done by ladies at the Jo Morton Stitchers Yahoo group. The deadline is April 15 and these will be in the mail tomorrow to be sure that they reach the swap lady in charge in time. It's hard to wait to get your swapped blocks back when you're a part of a swap. You never know what you'll get in return when it comes to colour and fabric choises the other participants have made. I think I will use my 30 blocks for a scrapy looking quilt with some applique added.


  1. Nok en lekker blokk, Wenche. Så fint at du allerede er halvveis på Vintage Valentine teppet. Ønsker deg lykke til med jobbintervjuet som venter på deg etter påske.

  2. Very lovely heart medallion. It is going to be a real treasure.


  3. Great looking sawtooth star blocks Wenche! I will let you know when they arrive...Elaine in SLO,Ca

  4. Love your Valentine block! The stars for Jo's swap are really cute, too.


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