Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My plan for Huston in 2010

Here's the background fabric. A teal/green Peace on Earth fabric from Moda. Bought on sale of course:)
I think this teal/brown dotted fabric from the same Moda line would work well as the lattice between the blocks. I have to use the EQ programme first to test my ideas. They might not work at all.
These are some of the fabric for leaves, roses, baskets and so on. Can hardly wait. But I need a pattern for each of the twelve blocks and the medallion I plan for the quilt, and not to forget the border. The border will have swags.........I think :) Due to rules and regulations of the contest I can't show you more :(


  1. Wow Wenche, you do have a plan. Are you planning on traveling to Houston next year, or just sending the quilt? I would love to go to Houston this year, as the date has been moved up one week and my hubby could travel with me. I've never been to the Houston show.

  2. Følger spent med her, stoffene du har valgt ut er i allefall flotte.

  3. Anonymous4:07 pm

    what color are the dots? they don't look like teal, rather more red. in any event, it looks like it's going to be beautiful and i look forward to watching your progress! your stunning valentine quilt will be a hard act to follow!

  4. Wenche, you are going to be busy this year! How many blocks will be in the BA quilt? Keep us advised.
    Margaret, from the BaltimoreQuilts group.


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