Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally a finished UFO

This quilt was made a year ago but not quilted. At the time I thought it was a good design and unusual. Sadly this is soooo not me even though I made the design. I even used J. Beyer fabric all over. It doesn't help, I don't like it anymore. Looks like the cat is interested though :)
The back doesn't look too bad. It's all leftovers from the front. I had just enough fabric left for the binding. This is going to be the last time I spend fabric like this. I will only spend it on patterns and quilts that are acctually in my kind of fancy. Now I need to find someone to give it to. A really good cause might benefit from this :)

I did finish another Houston in 2010 block and are half way with VV block #11 (my #9). And I have ordered more fabric :)


  1. Anonymous8:53 am

    Teppet var kjempetøft! Spennende design! Noen blir enormt glade for å få det! Klem Otlo

  2. I like what you did with piecing your backing on the quilt.

  3. Eg tykte det var eit kjempetøft teppe - både framsida og baksida!

  4. Det er jo et flott teppe og spennende design, Wenche. Håper du finner er en verdig mottaker, kanskje et kommunalt bygg eller en institusjon? Så kan flere få beundre teppet ditt. Pussig at du ikke liker noe du selv har designet.

  5. Jeg likte den veldig godt jeg, både framside og bakside.


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