Sunday, May 03, 2009

Secret Sister gift

This was delivered by the post man. My gift from my Secret Sister Sylvia Smith from the Appliqué Café list.
It's hard to believe it all stayed like this during the handeling. I did as I was told.......
.......and found a long letter and this cute card. The heart is a pin. For now it's safe in my treasure box.
This is a sampler from Sylvia that I'm very pleased that she sent me. I had plans for it the moment I saw it.
I received thread samples as well. since they where on bobins I'm glad that Sylvia sorted them out in envelopes for me. Makes it a lot easier for me.
The chocolate is gone and I'm using the strawberry pin cousion. The fabric are among friends in my drawers and the rest is still in the box it arrieved in. Sorry Sylvia.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Wenche, I'm so honored to see my Heirloom block in the middle of your hearts!!! :-) It all looks so lovely! Glad you liked the chocolate. Hope you enjoy the rest. VBG Wish you hadn't posted the photo with the ugly needle turn applique I did for your advise. lol It's really bad! :-) But that is how we learn, right?


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