Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vintage Valentine .......again :)

Here's my latest block, #11 in the quilt. Since this is my 8th block I only have 4 more left to do :) I think I will make block #12 next. That one has more pieces and more hearts than #11 so I'm sure it's going to take a bit longer to make.


  1. what a gorgeous block..your VV is coming along so beautiful. I have been following you and also on the Applique Cafe...the blocks are spectaclar!!

  2. Oh, what a delightful block. Looks like it was a lot of work. And block #12 has even more! I cna see why you would want to do it before you run out of steam.

  3. This block is just gorgeous! You're getting there.

  4. Oh Wenche, as usual your work is beautiful. Can't wait to see all of it put together. But I guess if you are sending it to Houston in 2010, we won't see it until after that show.


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