Saturday, June 27, 2009

The decision has been made

My daughter came up with the solution, she asked her internet friends :) They came up with Lappeteppet (the quilt or the patchwork blanket) and I liked it. The word has more meanings in Norwegian than the English word has, so it might be hard for you to understand why I like it :)

So Thank You to all that wanted to help me out here :) I have been listening to you and I see that we all have the same ideas .
Quilters often refere to purple dresses and red hats and laughs feeling free. So you will find your thank you pattern here. (I hope this works)
Hopefully it will give you a smile and some fun ideas on how to use it in a quilt :)


  1. Så spennende! Lappeteppet er jo helt perfekt! Lykke til videre! Klem Otlo

  2. Gratulerer. Men nå er jeg litt nysgjerrig. Hvilken quiltebutikk er det du tar over?? Skal bli spennende å komme på besøk i din butikk, så hvor skal den ligge???

  3. Gratulerer så mye !
    Er det i nærheten av der du bor ?
    Lykke til :-)


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