Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spring Fling swap

Thanks to this block and Kathy's signature, I know which year these swap blocks are from.......
.....when I sew them together into this top. Somehow I didn't get any further than this.

Three years later I joined the Dear Jane Spring Fling swap again and here are some of them. They still had their labels on and didn't find their way into that unfinished top.

Years went by one more time and I joined the swap again this year. I did it because I remembered that unfinished top and those 25 other blocks that were waiting for some action. So this time I have enough blocks to make a useable sized quilt for me and hopefully it will be done no later than early next year............... If I shouldn't decide to join the SP swap one more time to add more block. One never knows :)


  1. Nice work wenche. It will be so pretty. I love the thirties colors!

  2. I have my blocks from a couple of spring fling swaps still waiting to grow into a quilt. Yours is looking very pretty. I wonder if I was in the swap you have?

  3. The quilt so far looks just gorgeous!!! When all the other blocks are added it will be a nice quilt indeed.


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