Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Appliqué Academy 2010 Part 1

I finally made it to the Appliqué Academy this year. It was a bit of a strugle to get to Williamsburg though. After travelling 27 hours, a seven hour's sleep I finally made it to my first class. It was an Add one day class with Sharon Schamber: Hoopless Hand Quilting. Since I arrived two hours (about) late I gought her kit instead of using the one pice I had prepeared at home.
The basting was done quite easily. But the quilting it self...........

.....doesn't look that bad on the front........

.........but look at the back! I feel like I'm a newbie again. I'm tempted to rename the class to Hopeless Hand Quilting. :) So I have a lot of hours of practicing infront of me before I master her technique.
I saw some of her other students working on the block to the right in the picture. It is sooo wonderful in real life that I had to buy the pattern.........among other things. :)

My main reason for going to the accademy was to take my first class ever with Elly. Actually, it is my first appliquè class ever. About time I should say. The pattern for this class is a traditional eagle block and this is how far I got.

When I went back home to Norway again I carried the block in my handbag. I'm sure you would have too if you had a block signed by Elly herself. This is a treasure to me.

Another treasure was the book on the left in the picture. It is a first edition and Elly signed it. As she did in the other book. It's a little bit hard to believe that I got my hands on it.
I still have a lot of pictures and a lot I would love to tell you but it'll have to wait a bit. I need to sort everything first. Besides I really long to get back to BA blocks. The academy was a huge motivator to me. Get back for more on this trip later.


  1. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Sooooo good to have you post again !!! The Jo Stitchers group has wondered what you have been up to as well.

    What have you been doing, besides this wonderful trip?

    Must say you have had a wonderful experiance and look forward to many pics and posts....

  2. Wow! What an experience. I would love to take a class there!

  3. Glad to hear you (and your block) are safely home again. I was not able to make Academy this year so I hope you'll be able to come again so we can meet.

    That flag is beautiful - I can't wait to see the finished block!!

  4. Wenche,
    It was great stitching with you last week at the Academy. I'm getting ready to mark the back of my block to try back-basting the shield.

  5. I love what you are doing with your hand quilting - it must have been difficult to put that complicated design onto the fabric...and time consuming. I am looking forward to seeing it further on .. it will be fantastic! You are lucky to have had this trip. Also look forward to seeing more of your work...I enjoyed my visit.

  6. hi Wenche, congratulation for this great experience. I'm dreaming to attend one day also, but this is pricey for European (I'm German). Somedays dreams come true - tell us more please and show us more pics, when you have time PLEASE - hugs Brigitte

  7. Oh Wenche! I'm sooo glad you got to learn with two of the greatest: Elly AND Sharon. I wish I get my chance too.

    Keep up with the hoopless quilting. I love it. It's how I've been quilting for the last few years. Pay attention to the angle of your needle both in and out. You'll be amazed at how much better the back comes out. :-) Ask me how I know!

    Take care, sylvia


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