Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A great surprise!

Just look at this wrapping paper! This is the front......
........and this is the back and one of the sides. It almost broke my heart to open it. I couldn't do it without tearing the paper though.
This is what I got: Jo Morton fabric, thread, needles, buttons and a cute tin. This was a huge surpise to me, I wasn't expecting anything at this time. This wonderful gift was from my secret Pin-cushion sister from last fall's swap: Janine in Michigan. Thank you ever so much Janine, I love it! :)
I also participated in another swap last December: Dear Jane Holiday Swap. Since I didn't have time to make more than 3 sets I got this bunch of blocks back. I love them all and they will fit in nicely with my other 30 blocks from earlier swaps. The ones that are still waiting for me to make something out of them :)
The last swap I was in last year was the Dear Jane Christmas Siggie Swap. This was a first for me so I don't have earlier blocks waiting for a project. Perhaps I should mix the blocks from these two swaps? Need to think about that.
This is all for now. Tomorrow I'm heading for the States. Or should I say Williamsburg, Virginia. I'm taking a couple of classes at the Appliquè Accademy. I have wanted this for years and nothing is going to stop me now. Not even the weather :) There will be a good update when I get back :) See you then.


  1. I hope your trip goes well and you enjoy your classes.

  2. Wenche,
    I love the paper!
    Best wishes traveling to the Applique Academy.

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    Wenche, I found you again and you are off again. But off on a happy trip - you will have snow, just hope you get there.... great to have you back.... tell us what you have been doing on your "break".

  4. Love that a paper :-)
    Prescencia Thread is my favourite too. Enjoy you classes and have Fun
    Lucky You :-)

  5. Hi. Have a safe trip and enjoy your classes.


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