Sunday, March 21, 2010

Appliqué Academy Last part

This time I will show you a few pictures from some of the classes.  This is from my class with Elly:

Appliqué Accademy 041

Appliqué Accademy 042Then there is the class with Nancy Kerns:

Appliqué Accademy 161

Appliqué Accademy 162

Then there’s the class with Debbie Eaton: Appliqué Accademy 168 Appliqué Accademy 170

And finally some picures as all the students are showing their class blocks

Appliqué Accademy 211Appliqué Accademy 212Appliqué Accademy 214Appliqué Accademy 217Appliqué Accademy 228Appliqué Accademy 218Appliqué Accademy 221Appliqué Accademy 223Appliqué Accademy 235Appliqué Accademy 234Appliqué Accademy 237Until next year :) Then there’s time to say good bye:

Appliqué Accademy 238 If you are looking for names, I have to admitt that I’m not good at keeping those in my mind for a longer period of time. Sorry about that.

Elly and I cI had to play with some of my pictures. This experience will stay with me for a long time. I hope to return next year though.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing photos from your Applique Academy experience. I just happen to know one of the other attendees - Kathy Pease (she is in the red sweater) and I am sending her the link to your blog so she can visit with you. I know she will be delighted to see this.
    The work you accomplished is so impressive.

  2. Wenche, these are lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your memories of the Applique Academy!
    Margaret, in CT


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