Saturday, March 06, 2010

Applique Academy Part 3

Appliqué Accademy 147

Welcome to the Afternoon Tea Social with Kathryn Tennyson as the Honored Quilter! She held a very emotional speach and inspired all around her, even her family that had followed her to this event.

Appliqué Accademy 081

Appliqué Accademy 089

I will never get enough of looking at BA quilts. Kathryn was giving away these quilts to her granchildren. They are the lucky ones.

Appliqué Accademy 091

Appliqué Accademy 090

Her eagle block is a beauty and I am proud to be makeing a similar block.

Appliqué Accademy 093

Appliqué Accademy 097

Perhaps I should try the ship next………………..

Appliqué Accademy 099

Appliqué Accademy 101

…………or one of these? These two blocks are made from two of my favourite patterns.

Appliqué Accademy 106

Appliqué Accademy 107

As you can see we all had a wonderful evening :) I didn’t have a hat and had never worn one before so I got to borrow one. I had great fun! Too bad that there isn’t a picture of me with a hat on my head. I still wonder how I looked like.


  1. The eagle & ship blocks are my style of Baltimore quilt blocks.

  2. I love Baltimore Album quilts; they are probably my favorite. I'm too afraid of the applique to try one though! Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts! :)

  3. Oh, you are so lucky to be there! Thanks for sharing this great experience!


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