Sunday, April 04, 2010

My appliqué academy block is done!

Baltimore 015

I am really pleased with this block. I have never done a block like this before. This inspired me to do another block I’ve never done before:

Baltimore 012Do you know what? I don’t know the name of this block! That will be a future task……….and mabe I’ll put in a writing as well.

Baltimore 014This block is really what I wanted to make as my second block, this basket. Then I couldn’t make up my mind what flowers to put in. I know I want some roses and maybe a little blue bird. If you should happen to have an idea for my, it would be much appreciated by me. What started all this is the background fabric I got from Linda McMakin:Appliqué Accademy 073 She was sitting opposite me in the class. We went out for dinner as well with a couple of other lovely ladies. I had a great time that evening even though I didn’t finish my plate. I just hope that the resaurant lady didn’t think I didn’t like her food. There just wasn’t room for it all :)


  1. Fantastiske blokke. Sådan noget har jeg SLET ikke tålmodighed til!

  2. Beautiful hand applique.

  3. Your eagle block is so well done. A block to be proud of. Designs with an eagle are always a hit with me. Good color choices.


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