Sunday, May 09, 2010

My first BIG quilt

I finally have som pictures of my first BIG quilt. I gave it to my eldest son years ago, but it has taken me this long to ask for pictures :)
I found the pattern on the net as a BOM. When I saw it late 1999 there were only a couple of blocks left to do. I didn't have the stash I have today but still I think I did something right :)
I do have some of the fabric even today. I just loved a few of them so much that I went searching for more.
I spent January and February 2000 handquilting this quilt. It was the second quilt I had ever hand quilted. I had some progress from my first quilt, so this went faster and better :) Can you see the stitches?
I'm not quite sure of the size but I think it might be a Queen sized quilt. The blocks are 12 inch square and if I'm not mistaken, the sashing is 2 1/2 inch wide.
I do not remember the size of the border either but it looks like it might be 8 inches. I no longer remember what the site's name was but do anyone out there remember seing this or have made it themselves? Would be fun to know. Have to ask my son if I put a label on it...........


  1. Et flott teppe og imponerende at du har håndquiltet det.

  2. Oii, for en flott quilt! Håndquilted er jo bare i særklasse imponerende. Artig å se så mange bilder av en quilt også. Det burde flere lære av, ta bilder fra ulike vinkler og ulike deler av teppet så får man virkelig et godt inntrykk av det.

  3. Det är ett fint teppe. Handquiltat dessutom. Fantastiskt arbete.

  4. Det var et flott teppe! Kjempejobb å håndquilte noe så stort...


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