Sunday, June 06, 2010

More DJ blocks

Oohh.....this was a blurry picture. It is I-9 Chase a Myth, size 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches unfinished.
They will be 6 x 6 when they are in the quilt.

This is block I-10 Iris' Medallion. A bit better this picture.
Then we have block M-1 Dogwood Days. These picures are actually cut out of one bigger picture. I think that is the reason for the blurry first one. Any way, if I have counted correctly I now have 68 blocks. "Only" 101 more blocks to make :) I did it the first time and am going to do it again. Just have to remove the paper from the blocks and keep it up.


  1. Herlige blokker! Lager du dem 6x6 inch før du syr på kanten, sånn at de blir 5.5?

  2. Hi Wenche-
    I'm truly impressed by this magnificent feat of making all those 6" x 6" blocks! I'm waiting impatiently to see your finished effort!

  3. Hi Wenche!

    I just LOVE paperpiecing "To Chase a Myth"!!!!

    Makes me want to start up another DJ!!!




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