Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A swap block here and a siggie there..........

...............and you have a ........... quilt! I have been playing with EQ6 to see what could be done with odd blocks. When I made 135 siggies I was left with 270 one inch HST squares. They are all in here together with the siggies. I think there will be a few left overs but........
I will have to work more on this idea because I like it. And it is an easy way to use all those exchange blocks in one quilt rather than several smaller ones :) I might call this a sampler quilt since it will hold a lot of small samples of Jo Morton fabric :) Not the usual way of thinking about a sampler quilt I know...........


  1. Very beautiful use of your swap blocks. I really love.
    Hugs from France

  2. Doris Marie6:20 pm

    Doris in SW Ohio

  3. Super idea... I love it!

  4. Wenche, what a great idea! I will also have 270 HST so I will try to find a way to include them in the siggie block quilt! Your design is wonderful!

  5. I don't see where the siggy blocks are, but it is surely a beautiful quilt design!

  6. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing. Once again your work is fabulous. What a very original setting for all of those lovely swaps. Louise


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