Friday, July 02, 2010

And a few more blocks...........

If you really look at my blocks you will see that they are a bit wacky. That's just because I haven't ironed them before the picture was taken. They are fresh off the paper piecing paper :)
The first one is L-1 Widow's Pane. The first time I made this was July 7th 2000. I have a note of that in my Dear Jane book. The first time this block was quilted was on June 25th in 2001. That's ages ago!
The next one is F-7 Star Struck. This one goes back to June in 2000 and was quilted in April 2001. Quite interesting reading this information. To me any way :)

Then the third one is A-5 Cathie's Campfire. The earlier dates for this one is February 20th in 2000 and May 23rd 2001.
I'm glad I chose some blocks that will have some space between them because of the colour. Somehow I found some pieces of this colour in my stash and wanted to use it. The pieces weren't big enough for much else.


  1. Your blocks look good, and you have done this all before. I'm amazed, people really get addicted to these tiny blocks. I just started my first one last Autumn, Who knows maybe I will do another one later on in life.
    All the best from Luxembourg :)

  2. From one Leo to another... your blocks are looking great!!

  3. Fantastic job on reaching diamond---again! Love your 30s prints.
    Happy Quilting,


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