Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Give away!

Sooo......are you ready?

This is what you have to do:
Look very closely at the 20 blocks from yesterday's post. Click the pictures for a better view.
Find the TWO blocks that show how I'm running out of fabric.
In one block I had to add a different fabric but with the same colour,
and in another block I had to add a seam because I was running short on the background fabric.
If you name these two blocks in your answer with your name, e-mail contact and perhaps your blog, I will use to pick the lucky winner! If you don't leave your e-mail addy in some way, I won't be able to contact you.
This is the prize:
 Well, this is only half of it. I will be putting something extra into this bag but that's a secret :) I will pick the winner next Saturday.
Good luck!


  1. The Bag is just gorgeous
    I have emailed you the answers.
    Must say you have creatively concealed the additions. Well done

  2. Nydelig bag. Eg har sendt svaret med e-mail. Det var ikkje enkelt å finne dei. Helsing Jofrid

  3. Hei. Vil gjerne være med å kjempe om denne flotte bagen. Har som de andre også sendt svaret på e-mail. Det var ikke enkelt å finne, men jeg fikk da studert arbeidet ditt. Imponerende! Lykke til videre!

  4. The bag is beautiful and so are your dear jane blocks. I had to look hard to find those blocks you mentioned.
    happy sewing

  5. Sent my answers by email, Wench!

    Rosa Robichaud

  6. Ikke tale om jeg kunne se hvor du har gått tom for bakgrunnsstoffet. Men ikke er jeg så bevandret i DJ blokker heller. Du har jammen gjort en god jobb med disse blokkene. Lykke til videre.

  7. Very clever puzzle Wenche :) I have sent you my email with my answer and blog too. :)) You did a great job concealing the 'make do'

  8. They used to call these 'opportunity blocks' as they were an opportunity to get creative and make do. There are many of these in older quilts. Yours are very well hidden! I always enjoy following your blog. I will email you my answers.

  9. Love the bag but couldn't find anything 'wrong' with your blocks and I looked hard. Nice blog.

  10. What a beautiful bag and I am curious in what is inside... I will email my answers... Thanks for the chance to win this bag... :)

  11. Hi Wendi,
    I thought I posted to your blog a couple of days ago. I sent my answers by email to you. I enjoyed
    your treasure hunt. Very clever piecing!


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