Thursday, July 08, 2010

It feels good......... have three more DJ blocks done. That means I'm closer to 169 blocks.
I made this block D-9 Uncle Richard on Monday and planned to post about it but forgot. I started this little project instead. It's a pattern I bought in March but I sure took my time to make it.
The original pattern had a different embroidery on the front than this one. Well, I wanted to be different and designed my own. Now I know which one is mine when I pull out mine among all the other ladies that have made the exact same stitchery/project bag.
This is how it looks like on the inside Four pockets are easily spotted but the fift is just behind the red one with the doble plastic pockets. The big pocket with the white piece of fabric is big enough to hold an 8 inch embroidery ring.
Here's the front and the back (the bag is folded out). There's another pocket behind the red fabric. I embellished it with a little piece of ribbon and lace. Cute:)
Then it was time to make some more DJ blocks. This is block D-11 Snow Crystal. With a name like that I just had to make this one with blue fabric.
Then on with block C-2 Streak of Lightning. It was quite suitable with the yellow fabric on this one. No, I do not plan what fabric to use in which block. I just pick and sew. I haven't looked for any duplicates this time. I think that would be a good idea to do it now.


  1. Beautiful blocks and what precision! Very very nice. Love the little sewing tote too. You do such lovely work...

  2. Svært vakre DJ-blokker, gratulerer med enda nærmere målet.

    Lekkert stitchery!

  3. Your Stitchery bag is so cute! I love the design on the front. You are making great progress with your DJ's, too!

  4. Love the way your stitchery bag came out! thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful blocks! Wonderful progress and of course, I love your fabric choices.

    Happy Quilting!
    Heather =)

  6. Stitcheri-mappen din ble kjempefin!


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