Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been making blocks!

I only had a few inches left of my background fabric and I wanted to see how many more blocks I could get out of it.   
A-3 Hunter's Moon is alphabetically the first block in this "need to see how many blocks I can get" frenzy.

This one has been my favorite since the first time I made it ten years ago: A-13 Starlight Starbright. I don't think it is the name that does it...........

B-9 Tinker Toy. The name asked for a more playful fabric, a lot of umbrellas. This fabric choice doesn't show the actual pattern very well. Perhaps I should have used two slightly different fabrics?

At this point I was running out of background fabric. This is B-12 Starflower

This is another block that doesn't use much background fabric, D-6 Challenge

J-3 Rick's volleyball net

To get some dept into this quilt I need some really dark fabric. Black is a good choice for J-5 John Jacob's Windmill.

This is the last block with this fabric with cute small bows. I ran out when I made J-8 Anna's Anchor :)

J-9 Maury High School. Are the students playing?

Perhaps I should have used this fabric for the J-9 block? Perhaps, but it suits J-10 Chieko's Galla Lily as well.
This is another favorite J-12 Rebecca's Basket. With this block done, I now have all the blocks in row J done.
Continnuing with K-1 Croocked Creek.

K-3 Seven Sisters. There are some mountains surrounding the town of Bergen in Norway, that have the same name: Seven Sisters.
This is K-4 Thea's Turn. I'm sure you understand why I picked blocks like this at the end :)

K-5 Passing Through

I didn't worry about the background fabric when I made this one: K-6 Ann's Folly

K-9 Scouts Honor. I was a girl scout in the earlier parts of my life :)

K-10 Quandry

K-11 Columbine. This is the only block with this fabric. Got it from one of my friends in the US some years ago. That's why I can't remember her name but I'm very grateful. With this block even the K row is now complete.

M-9 Fan Dance. Suitable fabric for a fun block. Somehow it seems that I have a hard time learning to mirror my blocks when I print out the pp pattern. I did the same mistake when I made this one for my first DJ, and I hand pieced that one! At the moment I now have a total of 106 blocks out of 169 and I have used 1495 pieces. Still not sure if I'm making all the triangles as well. Until I can find a suitable new fabric for the background, I'm going to take a rest from making DJ blocks.
Come by tomorrow for a small surprise (competition).


  1. They all look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Wenche :) You are doing great!!! Just got to love 30s fabrics and you have some beauties ;) hugs Elly

  2. The blocks are beautiful and I love your 30's fabrics.

  3. Hallo Wenche! Jeg beundrer blokkene dine. De er så utrolig vakre. Når jeg er tilbake fra ferie skal jeg titte innom dem når jeg selv strever med mine, de er virkelig et "forbilde" for hvordan DJblokker skal se ut! Jeg er imponert.

  4. Utrolig flotte blokker. Ser ut som ett gammelt Desiree'stoff. Er det helt hvitt eller eggeskallfarvet? - mulig jeg har en bit til deg

  5. Such pretty blocks

  6. Congratulations on hitting 100!!!

  7. I just emailed the block names to you. You did a great job hiding the extra piece! Such fun to look at all your blocks.


  8. These are just wonderful! I've never seen a DJ with 30s fabrics and I just love it! They just put a big smile on my face!

  9. Henrik10:08 pm

    Wenche du er syk! holsen aaern :D vet ikke om du husker meg :(! men fett blogg

    til lærer å være da seff

  10. Those blocks are absolutely gorgeous! Love the fabrics!


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