Friday, August 06, 2010

Big changes, small money

I have had this up-light lamp for five years. I bought it at IKEA and it was cheap..........and good enough at the time.
But as the years past it didn't stand the use as well as I thought it would. The lamp shade melted. So I went back to IKEA yesterday to buy a new lamp. As I stood there and couldn't make up my mind, I had an idea.

I bought this lamp shade suitable for my kind of lamp. The pattern on the shade would fit in just perfectly with my curtains and the colour of the lamp itself.

It's looking good, isn't it? The shade was not intended for this kind of lamp and the lamp wasn't intended for this kind of shade...............

...........but I really think they look good together. I saved my lamp and I saved some money as well! Not bad at all. Now I need to have another look at my sofa :)

Have you guessed which of the two DJ blocks that had alterations showing me running out of fabric for my DJ blocks? You still have a few more hours to figure it all out. Go give it a try!


  1. Looks really good.

  2. I love your new lamp. Its looks very good !!!
    I hope you got my email which I send a few days ago with the answers to your give away.

  3. I am on my second lamp like this from Ikea ;) What a great idea to buy a different shade for it... The same melting thing happened to my first lamp.
    They are great though for the price ;))
    I love the new shade! So pretty!!

  4. The new lamp is great!

  5. Hey Wenche, Can you imagine that all the way across the world the same thing happened! The same lamp from Ikea, in Sydney, melted, I used it for my sewing while DH & I watched TV. Thanks for the inspiration...I will look for some lampshades too. Its sitting in the garage because I hate to throw away ....Cheers Denise

    ps: I have the cushion too! 2 of them.....


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