Friday, August 06, 2010

Then it was the sofa................

I was sooo bored with this sofa. Since I have a white cat you can imagine how this looked like after three days without vacuming............... Yeah, right......

Luckely my sofa is Ektorp from IKEA and that means I can have a new sofa whenever I want but not spending a lot of money. You probable think that a white sofa is a hazzard and it could be. Since I don't have small children in my household I don't mind. Besides, if it gets dirty I just put in the washing machine for a quick spin :) Cool, isn't it? So, what do you think? A new living room at the price of $89 (534.- NOK)! Not bad........ See how the old pillow matches the new lamp shade......


  1. Again a very nice idea !! We also had trouble with the dog on the sofa, but now we have a leader one and I can clean it with a wet cloth

  2. Så flott det ble, helt som nytt. Lampen likte jeg spesielt godt, den ble skikkelig fin etter forvandlingen. Lekker pute som passer perfekt til alt sammen.


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