Thursday, September 30, 2010

This and that

This is how far I've come with my Jo Morton swap block quilt. I'm still awaiting the 135 signature blocks and I hope they arrive soon. All the HSTs are leftovers from the siggies. When I can add those I will be able to add my basket swap blocks and even more HSTs. I think this is going to look really good. To make this suitable for a bed I'm going to add something at the top and bottom so it becomes more rectangulare instead of just a square. Dutches also likes the design :)

This picture is from inside my new book case. I just "had to" buy those two coffee cups with plates at a yard sale. They are in mint condition and it was the colour that first atracted me to them. They do fit nicely next to my Tilda sewing box don't they? :)

I bought this white frame at IKEA (sorry if I sound like a salesperson from that company) because it is deap enough to frame a miniature quilt in the future. I planned to get rid of the white card board frame inside (sorry I can't find the correct translation for that word) but I covered it with a paper napkin instead. I think it's quite suitable for something stittcheryish with a French touch now. Agree? Anyway, the frame completely changed character due to this addition.:)
There's a new post under the DearJane label as well.........


  1. Så kreativ du er! Rammen blir nok kjempelekker med en miniatyrquilt. Flotte kopper også.

  2. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Oh your quilt block is gorgeous!!!

    I am not good with instructions, and your doll house will be nice, but oh so many pieces to figure out!

  3. Toppen flott! Tack för idén med servetten :O)


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