Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swap block quilt

2010 has become a year of swapping for me. You might have read about all the different blocks I made. Originally I wasn't planning to participate in that many swaps and making a big quilt. But I did and I am. This is how the quilt top is at the moment. It's getting wide enough for a twin bed but not long enough. Besides I would like to have my quilts more rectangulare instead of just square.
I had to add a few more single fabric bordes than I thought I would but seeing it live, I  think it just adds to the design. The next swap on the Jo Morton Stitchers list is a basket swap, where the baskets are different from the ones in the top now and they will form the top and the bottom of this quilt. I haven't signed up just yet but am wondering about it. If I do this I have to come up with some good final framing. So I have been playing with EQ7 again and came up with these two:
option 1

option 2
What do you think? In the end I might not go for either of them. Who knows :)


  1. Beautyful! I like it very much and I go for option 1!

  2. This is turning into one lovely quilt, Wenche! And I agree with Bjorg. I'd go with option 1 because those star blocks really make the quilt pop. Lovely, lovely... go for it! (:

  3. hi Wenche, this is going to be a spectacular quilt! Love the flying geese border ..... greetings from Germany Brigitte

  4. Wenche, are you nuts to even think about that many flying geese? Gives me the vapors to even think about it..... but I can see that it would need more weight on the edge if you used small geese,,,, what about big geese? The stars are the right size to my eyes, but probably would want a final dark boarder.... as the star background is light.... again the visual weight thing..... so what do I know?.... I love your quilt and am going to do my siggies to frame "something" when I get to my quilt..,.,.

  5. Wenche...your quilt is turning out lovely! I like Option 1, seems to be more balanced.

    Great job and its a keeper for sure!

    Gorgeous...those stamp baskets look great! You "need" to sign up! LOL!


    ELaine in SLO, Ca

  6. Beautiful quilt. I go for option 1.


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