Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another UFO done

Finally. It's all done! All I had to do to finish this one, was to put on the binding. Don't know why it took this long to do it. It looks a bit wayvy on the picture but that is only a trick of the eye. Some outer block have a solid colour and some don't. That's why. I just didn't have the heart to cut this fun fabric into smaller pices. Of course I could have fuzzy cut it and I thought of it too, but did find the technique not suitable. The finished size is 130 x 160 cm (approx. 52 x 64 inches).
I have several more UFO's waiting so I better get to it......
By the way, did you notice that little white head in the picture? Yepp, she did it again.


  1. Morsomt teppe, og nydelig Pus!

  2. Kjempefin kant på teppet!

  3. Anonymous3:03 pm

    You did it again, good use of your UFO time.... really like how the log blocks add zip to the quilt. You are on a roll.... white head must be having trouble keeping up with you

  4. Oh Wench!!! I just LOVE this fabric and I can understand that you didn't want to cut into it!


    Lovely, lovely quilt and CONGRATS on doing another UFO!!!


  5. så morsomt teppe, herlige nissedamer.))

  6. Well, I can't blame the little white head for wanting to see yet another finished quilt!

  7. Wow, flotte nissedamer med stilig kant, passet perfekt på juleteppet.

  8. Saa stilig! Skjoenner godt du ikke hadde hjerte til aa klippe i det artige stoffet. Katten din matcher teppet, eller er det teppet som matcher katten? :))

  9. I havn visited for a while - so glad I did ... Love your quilt...where did you get that fasinating fabric...its lovey as is your quilt.


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