Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Christmas

This book from Thimbleberries is quite a few years old. But from day one I wanted to make this Christmas tree skirt and I had the fabric, all ready to go.

Nothing happened until Christmas 2010. Better late than never, right?

Here it is. I haven't added the holy berries because I'm not sure that I want to. That might become a task for next Christmas. 
The binding is not made from a Thimbleberries fabric, it is a premade binding. And a bit too stiff. I am not going to do anything about that now, but I think I didn't get the best quality.
I had a pack og charmes as well that I wanted to turn into something. So I just went ahead and made these HST. 
And I put them all together into a larger peace. Hello Dutches! :)

It became just big enough to cover a pillow I bought at IKEA, it is 40 by 60 cm.

I did find some darker read fabric in my sash that was just right. This is the three pieces of the outside pillow.

See? It fits in just perfectly.

When I quilted the three pieces I made sure to use the same same fabric on the back. When everything were put together I had a reversable pillow. Not bad at all, two pillows in one :)

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  1. Very nice!
    (And I love your kitty.)


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