Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I designed my own BAQ block!

This is my version of a BAQ house block. I used off block appliqué on this one just because it was the easiest thing to do. Besides it reduces the shrinkage of the background fabric. I added the two turtledowns in the name of love. I did some blue French knots in the gras to add some 3D effect. Did the same thing with the gras so it looks more natural to the flagpost, tree and stone wall/stairs. The house is very typical for the southern part of Norway. Usually a skipper would build a house like this. He would have the money to follow the bulding trends at the time. Everything outside and inside should be symetrical and in balance. I think I captured that in my block with the tree and flag on either side of the house. The birch tree has a special meaning to us in Norway, and is connected to what the Norwegian King did during the eraly days of WWII. 
So, I'm really pleased with this block even though it turned out a tiny bit bigger than planned. No one will notice in the end :)


  1. Very creative to design your own applique block.

  2. Anonymous2:09 pm

    This block is so special. Look forward to more blocks as they are sewn.... a BAQ has more than one block, right?

  3. well done, Wenche!! can't wait to see the next blocks .... reminded me of my BAQ blocks in progress (not really, UFOs right now)
    hugs Brigitte from Germany


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